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2-3-2 橋本 緑区 相模原市 神奈川県 252-0143, Japan

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Webサイト : http://www.keio.co.jp/train/station/48_hashimoto/index.html

2-3-2 橋本 緑区 相模原市 神奈川県 252-0143, Japan
Ayumi on Google

横浜線は、横浜・八王子方面に、相模線は、茅ヶ崎方面に、京王線は、新宿方面と、アクセスが便利です。 リニア新幹線が開業すれば、こちら(神奈川県駅 仮称)から名古屋方面に、とても便利になるでしょう。新駅は、元県立相原高校の跡地に建設中です。開業後は、橋本駅周辺もガラッと変わると思います。 駅付近には、アリオ橋本、ミウイ橋本、イオン橋本等各種ショッピング施設が、ムービックス橋本では映画や娯楽が、その他、飲食店も数多くあります。 アクセスが便利な橋本駅ですが、乗り換えのみではなく、下車されて是非ご堪能ください。
The Yokohama Line is conveniently located in the direction of Yokohama / Hachioji, the Sagami Line is in the direction of Kayagasaki, and the Keio Line is in the direction of Shinjuku. If the Linear Shinkansen opens, it will be very convenient from here (tentative name of Kanagawa Prefecture Station) toward Nagoya. The new station is under construction on the site of the former prefectural Aihara High School. After opening, I think the area around Hashimoto Station will change drastically. Near the station, there are various shopping facilities such as Ario Hashimoto, Miui Hashimoto, Aeon Hashimoto, movies and entertainment at MOVIX Hashimoto, and many restaurants. Hashimoto Station is easily accessible, but please enjoy it not only by changing trains but also by getting off.
Sainabou Mbye on Google

Wonderful station
Senkan Koukuu on Google

The Sagamihara and Keio Sagamihara lines go here.
Aljean Hickman on Google

It’s a long ride from place but at least I don’t have to transfer!????
keisuke mago on Google

Aeon Mall • Me We • lots of restaurants to dine in ?
navid alvee on Google

Train is a bit late but it is acceptable. The station is managed with care and the trains are good as new
dibYa Nirwasan on Google

It is the hub for three line i.e.yokohama,keio,and sagami line.The express service also available in rush hour.Benrydesu.
Bijendra Khanal on Google

I usually travel through this station. Its easy to go to Yokohama , Hachioji and Shinjuku from this station.

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