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住所 :

5081 Nagasaki, Nakayama, Higashimurayama District, Yamagata 990-0401, Japan

電話 : 📞 +8
Postal code : 990-0401
Webサイト :
Opening hours :
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours
Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours

kan suy on Google

There is the largest baseball stadium in the prefecture. It will be held from the quarterfinals to the finals of the Koshien qualifying round.
おったまんぞう on Google

少しですが、遊具あります。 子供と犬を一緒に散歩させたいなら重宝します。
There are some playsets, though a little. It comes in handy if you want your child and dog to walk together.
キソちゃん on Google

The image is that there is only a stadium, but there are sports plazas and a large parking lot, so it is a good place to go out with children.
むらやま“358”かずゆき on Google

荘銀日新スタジアムを利用しています。いつもありがとうございますm(_ _)m
I am using the Sogin Nissin Stadium. Thank you always m (_ _) m
純一郎 on Google

休憩場所はあまりない 。11月上旬 銀杏の紅葉が綺麗だった。
There aren't many rest areas. Early November The autumn leaves of Ginkgo were beautiful.
焼き鳥 on Google

It is a stadium with a large parking lot. At Nakayama Park or Nakayama Stadium?
原田敏 on Google

冬場は、北側駐車場に雪山があり、そこでタイヤチューブで遊べます。しかも無料です。 週末になると、子供連れでにぎわってます
In winter, there is a snowy mountain in the north parking lot, where you can play with tire tubes. And it's free. It's crowded with children on weekends
アベキョウコ on Google

冬に来たのは初めてでした。テレビで知った滑り台でチューブ滑りをしてきました。平日の日中だっため、貸し切りで並ばず滑り放題! 大人なのに、しっかり楽しめました!何より無料なのがうれしいです。
It was my first time to come in winter. I've been sliding on a slide on a slide that I learned from TV. Since it is daytime on weekdays, you can slide as much as you want without lining up for private use! Even though I was an adult, I enjoyed it! Above all, I'm glad that it's free.

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