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住所 :

Kamishibachohigashi, Fukaya, 〒366-0051 Saitama,Japan

電話 : 📞 +888
Webサイト : https://www.yellowhat.jp/yellowhat/store/store_information%3Fstore_code%3D0770%26utm_source%3Dgoogle%26utm_medium%3Dmap%26utm_campaign%3Dmybusiness
Opening hours :
Saturday 9:30AM–7:30PM
Sunday 9:30AM–7:30PM
Monday 9:30AM–7:30PM
Tuesday 9:30AM–7:30PM
Wednesday 9:30AM–7:30PM
Thursday 9:30AM–7:30PM
Friday 9:30AM–7:30PM
街 : Saitama

齋藤裕隆 on Google

It was easy to understand because he explained the product kindly and politely.
塚田和練 on Google

I often use it. Kind to tell me that this is better.
くり on Google

客対応は悪くはないです。 バッテリー交換しに行ったのですが、 説明が丁寧で価格の高いのを推し進めるような某カー用品店みたいな事はしないから良いですね。
Customer service is not bad. I went to replace the battery, It's good because I don't do something like a certain car accessory store that promotes a polite explanation and a high price.
hana Mican on Google

21/5現在情報。 ドラレコ持込取付け、¥11000〜 ただし、チラシ掲載日じゃない平日のみ。その日預け(または前日預け)→閉店までの長時間を要求されます。自社購入者優先です。 追記 ドラレコの両面テープはすぐに外れてしまい、自分で補強しただけでなく、配線が見えてきてしまい、わざわざ工賃払ってまで?という出来に感じてきてしまいました。
21/5 Current information. Dashcam carry-on installation, ¥ 11000 ~ However, only on weekdays, which is not the day when the leaflet is posted. Deposit on the day (or deposit the day before) → You will be required to take a long time to close the store. Priority is given to in-house purchasers. postscript The double-sided tape of the dash cam came off immediately, and not only did I reinforce it myself, but I could see the wiring, so did I bother to pay the wages? I felt that it was a result.
竹内勝久 on Google

It was a pleasant shop with good correspondence.
mitsutaka sugimoto on Google

The staff are wonderful ❗ Kindness, politeness, perfect ? Thank you for the tire replacement this time ? The staff are really kind ... Thank you‼ ️
shin iti on Google

オートバックスがDMで「車検見積りやるよ」っつーから行ったら「予約してから出直して来い」ってふざけた事抜かしたのでこっちに来たらさくっと見積り出してくれました。その時点で星5相当。 なんだけどワイパー交換とか冷却水交換とかいらん処置入れた見積り出して来たので各-1して最終星は3。 この次に見積りしてそういうの無かったらここで車検頼むかなー。 とりあえず今までオートバックスに頼んでたエンジンオイル交換は今度からここに頼む事にするのは確定してる。
When AUTOBACS went from "I'll give you a car inspection quote" on DM, I skipped the ridiculous thing "Please make a reservation and come back again", so when I came here, he gave me a quick quote. At that point, it is equivalent to 5 stars. However, I got an estimate with wiper replacement, cooling water replacement, and other measures, so each -1 and the final star is 3. If there is no such estimate next time, I wonder if I will ask for a car inspection here. For the time being, I have decided to ask AUTOBACS to change the engine oil from now on.
H S on Google

Speaking of Yellow Hat, Hidesaburo Kagiyama is a hawkish business owner who forces employees to clean the toilet bowl with bare hands. I didn't want to have my hands covered with manure for fishing (it's not just a matter of washing, it's a more fundamental and instinctive contraindication), so I've been cautiously avoiding shopping at Yellow Hat. However, I finally bought it here. That's because the "quality difference" of the clerk was obvious compared to the neighboring AUTOBACS. Yellow Hat, somehow the staff are well educated. It's the same with product knowledge and customer service. It makes me think about what "customer satisfaction" is.

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