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住所 :

35-3 Ozakicho, Hannan, Osaka 599-0201, Japan

電話 : 📞 +8779
Postal code : 599-0201
Webサイト : https://www3.city.hannan.osaka.jp/

35-3 Ozakicho, Hannan, Osaka 599-0201, Japan
美音子 on Google

松田和之 on Google

hoshi kirkira on Google

New Moon on Google

I use it occasionally. It ’s a quiet and calm place.
たく on Google

図書館の外観がすてき ガラス張りになっていて透き通っている 職員の人みんな優しい いつもありがとうございます
The appearance of the library is nice It is fitted with glass and is transparent All the staff are kind I am always grateful for your help
チョコバナナ on Google

市役所の後ろにあるので分かりずらいですが そのせいか人が少なくて落ち着きます。 椅子もそこらにあるので座って読めます
It's hard to understand because it's behind the city hall Because of that, there are few people and I feel calm. There are chairs everywhere so you can sit down and read
安部智裕 on Google

I think it is a good library that is very easy for citizens to use. In the past, I did not use the library much in the area where I lived, but the Hannan City Library uses it every week. It's not a large library, but we can make requests for books and we are very helpful.
Siti Rozita on Google

Staff can speak basic English and so helpful. A lot of activities for kids over the weekend.

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