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住所 :

摂津市民図書館 4 Chome-9-25 Shojaku, Settsu, Osaka 566-0023, Japan

電話 : 📞 +8977
Postal code : 566-0023
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摂津市民図書館 4 Chome-9-25 Shojaku, Settsu, Osaka 566-0023, Japan
伊勢照美 on Google

佐々木理江 on Google

男大塚 on Google

That is really quiet
遠藤智一 on Google

Due to the influence of corona, you can not browse inside the building now.
中アヤ on Google

我が家から近く、係員の方は優しく、丁寧です。(’-’*)♪ 散歩するのに丁度いい距離が気にいってます。?
Close to my home, the staff is gentle and polite. ('-' *) ♪ I like just the right distance to take a walk. ?
渋谷敏春 on Google

The hall is quite vacant. The parking lot is under construction, so it is about half parked ?.
本松奈美 on Google

Books are easy to find and I always use them. I have a reservation for the book I want to read
kimura shinsei on Google

There is a parking lot, but the road on the way is narrow and you need to be careful. It's a small city library, but it has a good collection of books. I think that the picture book corner for children and the self-study room are unexpectedly fulfilling.

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