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住所 :

3 Chome-16-24 Kinoshita, Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai, Miyagi 984-0047, Japan

電話 : 📞 +8777
Postal code : 984-0047
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Opening hours :
Saturday 11AM–8PM
Sunday 11AM–8PM
Monday 11AM–8PM
Tuesday 11AM–8PM
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 11AM–8PM
Friday 11AM–8PM

3 Chome-16-24 Kinoshita, Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai, Miyagi 984-0047, Japan
とみん on Google

店の場所こっちで本当に合ってる?と一瞬不安になるような玄関で靴を脱いで入る民家みたいな隠れ家カフェ。 ゴーヤのピクルスがとても美味しかった。 インスタに映えるようなおしゃれなプレート。 ただ、自分以外に客が居ない時間帯に来たのでなんだか気まずいような感覚になった。 値段はカフェごはんにしてはちょっとお高めかな。 駐車場はあるけど限りがあるから注意。
Is the location of the store really right here? A hideaway cafe like a private house where you take off your shoes and enter at the entrance that makes you feel uneasy for a moment. The bitter gourd pickles were very delicious. A stylish plate that looks great on Instagram. However, I felt awkward because I came to a time when there were no customers other than myself. The price is a little expensive for cafe rice. Please note that there is a parking lot but it is limited.
千葉崇広 on Google

I went for lunch. It is curry. A lot of salad and dressing is delicious, too. Rice was brown rice, but it seems that it was not brown rice before her sister said, so it may change a lot.
森田義史 on Google

平日の昼間行ったのに結構流行ってて、昼過ぎたら満席かもしれません。 日替わりメニューのカレーは思ったよりボリューミーで具たくさんのヘルシーな感じ。 今回は電車で来たから良かったですが、駐車場は狭く、車での来店はあまりオススメできないかも。
Although it went during the daytime on weekdays it was quite popular and may be full if it is over noon. The curry of the daily menu is more voluminous than I thought it is a lot of healthy feeling. It was good because it came by train this time, but the parking lot is narrow, maybe you can not recommend it by car.
masayo ikeda on Google

サラダ山盛り‼︎温玉付キーマカレー ¥1100- *スープ、前菜、ドリンク付 日替わりデザート ¥200- 一軒家の中にカフェがあります?お店に入ると玄関で靴を脱いでスリッパに履き替えるため、家に帰ってきたようでほっこりします? 店内はアンティーク風な装飾があり、落ち着いて食事できました?ワンプレートにサラダ?とカレーがたっぷり盛られて満腹になりました✨
Salad heaping‼キ ー Kiema curry with hot balls ¥ 1100- * With soup, appetizer and drink Daily dessert ¥ 200- There is a cafe in the house. When you enter the shop, you take off your shoes at the entrance and change to slippers, so it is like returning home and relaxing. The shop had an antique decoration and was able to eat calmly. It was full with salad and curry on one plate.
まちナビ編集部 on Google

Home cafe. The food of the owner's choice with good sense is delicious no matter what you eat. Pickles are also excellent.
Tomoe Ryogoku on Google

Dish centered on vegetables from the discerning production area. A retreat cafe remodeled from home. The entrance from Rotary at Yakushido Station is difficult to see and is narrow, so be careful when going for the first time by car.
大好き洗濯 on Google

A cafe directly connected to the bus terminal at Yakushido Station on the Subway Tozai Line. If it's an outside seat, you can put a doggy together. Fresh vegetable salad made by a local farmer. Brown rice, keema curry, meatloaf. Is it a little expensive for cospa? I think it's better to have less dumplings in both meatloaf and rice. The atmosphere is nice.
あやっち on Google

The interior was soothing, and the lunch was delicious and healed.

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