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住所 :

Shobuike-12番地 Yawata, Kyoto 614-8082, Japan

電話 : 📞 +87987
Postal code : 614-8082
Webサイト : http://www3.city.yawata.kyoto.jp/

Shobuike-12番地 Yawata, Kyoto 614-8082, Japan
木原幸子 on Google

When I asked him to look for a book or map, he searched for a library, etc., which was helpful. ☺️
竹村加奈 on Google

The attitude of a staff member is the worst. I've never felt so uncomfortable in the library. Personally the lowest ranked library.
くろくろ on Google

いつも利用しています。 ありがたい図書館です。
I always use it. Thank you library.
大川和美 on Google

A book is necessary in a self-restraint life. If there is an antiseptic and a mask, it may be manageable.
赤井重行 on Google

Although it is small, there are many new books, and it is a library that is useful for the lives of citizens.
Mme. S on Google

一階が子ども向けの本、二階が大人向けの本と分かれています。小さな子どもと絵本を選びに行く時に、子どもが突然大きな声を出したりしても(もちろん注意しますが)、親としては人目を気にしたり神経質になりすぎずに本が選べるので助かります。他の方のご迷惑になると思うと、図書館に行くこと自体憚られるので…。 利用券を作ってもらえば24点3週間も!借りられるのは嬉しいです。八幡市外在住の方でも、勤務先名等の追加項目を記入すれば利用券を発行してもらえるようです。
The first floor is for children and the second floor is for adults. When choosing a picture book with a small child, even if the child suddenly makes a loud voice (be careful, of course), it is helpful as a parent to be able to choose a book without being too nervous or too nervous. If you think that it will bother other people, going to the library itself will be irritating ... If you make a voucher, 24 points for 3 weeks! I'm happy to be able to borrow it. Even if you live outside Yawata City, you can get a ticket issued by filling in additional items such as your work name.
中村勝 on Google

結構沢山色んな種類の本があります! 予約も出来ますよ(^^)v 職員さんも優しいです(^_-) 駐車場広いですよ(^^♪
There are quite a lot of different kinds of books! You can also make a reservation (^^) v The staff is also kind (^ _-) The parking lot is large (^^ ♪
Hisakazu Ikeda on Google

本のことなら何でも相談に乗って貰えます。 文庫本がたくさんあります。絶版のものもここで読める時があります。 利用者カードを作るとWebから予約ができてとても便利です。
You can consult with us about any books. There are many paperback books. There are times when you can read out-of-print ones here. Creating a user card is very convenient because you can make reservations from the Web.

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