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住所 :

Rifu, Miyagi District, 〒981-0112 Miyagi,Japan

電話 : 📞 +8778
Webサイト :
Opening hours :
Saturday 10AM–9PM
Sunday 10AM–9PM
Monday 10AM–9PM
Tuesday 10AM–9PM
Wednesday 10AM–9PM
Thursday 10AM–9PM
Friday 10AM–9PM
街 : Miyagi

Rifu, Miyagi District, 〒981-0112 Miyagi,Japan
健一 on Google

If you go to AEON MALL, you will definitely stop by, isn't it decided that my wife is looking at clothes and miscellaneous goods ?
山崎公子 on Google

I went to Nikaino Watchya-san today. I stopped by to replace the batteries, but if they were kind and less than three years old, I received a warranty card that would replace them for free.
おのみなみ on Google

Clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, miscellaneous goods are on sale. There are things that can be gifts, from cute to mature.
島岡夕子 on Google

ポイントを使いたくて今日、行ってみた。 自分の服を買うつもりだったけど今月、娘の誕生日だったのを思い出して娘のも買った。好きなものが多くてまた来ようと思う(*^o^*)
I wanted to use the points and went today. I intended to buy my own clothes, but this month I remembered that it was my daughter's birthday and bought it for my daughter. There are many things I like and I will come again (* ^ o ^ *)
熊谷孝一(こうちゃん) on Google

Recently, outdoor goods are sold as original designs.
なお on Google

I asked a young clerk for the gift wrapping. I think that it is okay to wrap wrapping normally, but I was surprised when I looked at the contents after returning it in a paper bag. A wrapping bag that is quite large for one accessory. The tip of the ribbon was very long. I was embarrassed to give it as it was, so I cut the bag into the right size and eventually wrapped it myself. The miscellaneous goods and clothes were so cute that I was disappointed.
金河南 on Google

利府ジャスに行くと必ず寄る、海外の田舎みたいな服が置いてあるチェーン店。自分が着ると本当に田舎娘みたいになるので買った事ないけど、見るぶんにはとても楽しいお店。お値段ちょっと張る。 店の半分は雑貨で、これもナチュラル生活、みたいな感じのものを中心に置かれている。ほかの企業とコラボした商品が面白い。クリスマス時期に展開するリースの類も印象的。
A chain store with clothes like the countryside of the country that you always stop by when you go to Rifu Jas. I have never bought it because it looks like a country girl when I wear it, but it's a fun place to see. A little price. Half of the shops are miscellaneous goods, which are also centered on things that feel like natural life. Products that collaborated with other companies are interesting. The type of lease that takes place during Christmas is also impressive.
taku on Google

There are lots of cute sundries and clothes, so it's at the entrance of the ion, so I'll stop by.

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